Painting: Ambiguous Abstraction

Course Description
Ambiguous abstraction refers to works whose source relates to images or objects from the world. Through a process of deconstruction and transformation these forms take on an abstract quality, hovering between the real and the imaginative. This kind of work is intriguing as it is open to all kinds of possible meanings and interpretations. In opposition to ‘pure abstraction’ where the subject of the painting is its own form, ‘ambiguous abstraction’ flirts with personal and political content, and can also embrace broad topics such as memory and presence, materiality and transcendence, pattern and decoration as well as the everyday. Artists include: Fabian Maracaccio, Terry Winters, Ingrid Calame, Ian McKeever, Beatriz Milhazes, Arturo Herrera, Mark Bradford, Franz Ackermann, Julie Mehretu and Etienne Zack. Some painting experience recommended.