Presence of Mind

Sarah Houghton (detail)

The Diploma of Fine Arts 2011 exhibition took place in June 2011.
Sarah Houghton, Anne Marie McPartlin, Tanta Pennington and Marion Whalley were this year’s graduating students.
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Drawing: Making a Mark

This workshop is the first in a series of Drawing Today workshops offered over the summer at the Vancouver Island School of Art. This workshop uses forms such as a personal signature, scribbles and contour lines to explore approaches to drawing.

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Watercolour Play Workshop

A one-day watercolour workshop where students learn to approach watercolour painting in a fun and non-intimidating way. The workshop introduces the concept of the doodle as an entry point to artmaking. In one exercise students used numbers as a way to create marks and designs.

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VISA student gallery

This site will showcase a range of work done at the Vancouver Island School of Art. Images will get posted on a weekly basis. We look forward to sharing what goes on at VISA with the rest of the community and we welcome comments and questions.